Understanding Medicare Advantage plans

Helping you choose a Medicare plan with confidence

The freedom to choose is a good thing — but sometimes, your Medicare choices may seem a bit overwhelming. We're committed to keeping things simple — and to helping you make confident decisions when choosing one of Humana's Medicare Advantage plans.

Drug coverage and health coverage all in one

Did you know you can combine Medicare health coverage and prescription drug coverage — in one simple plan, at one affordable price? Many Humana Medicare Advantage plans include prescription drug coverage that's the same or greater than Medicare's standard requirement.

Medicare with much more coverage and benefits

Don't worry. You won't give up your Medicare coverage when you join a Humana Medicare Advantage plan. Humana's Medicare Advantage plans offer more benefits than Original Medicare.

  • You're still in the Medicare program
  • You keep all of your Medicare rights and protections
  • You receive more benefits in addition to your basic Medicare coverage

Humana's Medicare Advantage plans deliver more than drug coverage

When you enroll in a Humana Medicare Advantage plan that includes prescription drug coverage, you gain access to guidance, support, and convenience through things like:

  • MyHumana — your secure Web page that offers online resources to help you make informed healthcare decisions. Take a tour now
  • Maximize Your BenefitSM Rx — a Humana Pharmacy Solutions program that delivers messages about potential savings opportunities for high-cost medications. Find out more about Maximize Your Benefit Rx
  • SmartSummary® — a personalized statement that sums up your medical and prescription drug spending and benefits any month you have a claim. Learn more about SmartSummary

Find out How Medicare Works

Partner with Humana to understand your Medicare options.

Understand the Medicare Basics
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Affordable or no monthly plan premiums!

Choose a Humana Medicare Advantage plan and you could have no additional monthly premium beyond what you already pay for Part B.

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