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At Humana, we're more than just a health insurance company. We work with members to help them on their journey to good health.

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Medicaid in Florida

With Humana, you'll have access to a large network. And Humana Medicaid plans include many member perks and services. Find Medicaid plan information for Florida and see how Humana plans can work for you.

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The Humana difference

Humana has a proud history in the healthcare industry. We began in 1961 as a nursing home company called Extendicare and became known as Humana in 1974. Since the 1980s, Humana has been centered on healthcare. Helping our members on their health journey is our main focus.

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Learn about Medicaid

Wondering what Medicaid is, exactly? Medicaid is a public health insurance plan for low-income or disabled people of any age. It is free or low cost, and it is run by both the state and the federal government.

Learn more about what kinds of things Medicaid covers.

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Medicaid vs. Medicare

Medicaid and Medicare are two different types of public health insurance programs. Not sure which one you are eligible for?

Learn about key differences between Medicaid and Medicare.

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Medicaid enrollment and eligibility

Medicaid provides health insurance for millions of Americans, and coverage can vary by state. Learn more about who is eligible for Medicaid and how enrollment works.

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Information for Medicaid providers

Are you a Medicaid provider? Visit the provider section of to find all the information you need. You can find details on making the move to value-based care, get help with authorizations and referrals, access claims resources and more.

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