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Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons

Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons® is a wellness program that offers you the opportunity to earn rewards for taking healthy actions.

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Participate in healthy activities and earn rewards

All Humana Healthy Horizons® in Florida members can participate in Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons, PDF opens new window. Completing eligible healthy activities and earning rewards through our Go365® wellness program is easy.

To earn rewards, you must:

  • Download the Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons App from iTunes/Apple Shop or Google Play on a mobile device
  • Create an account to access and engage in the program
    • Members who are 18 and older can register to create a Go365 account. You must have your Medicaid Member ID.
    • Members under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian register on their behalf to participate and engage with the program. The person completing the registration process on behalf of a minor must have the minor’s Medicaid Member ID

If you have a MyHumana account, opens new window, you can use the same login information to access Go365, after you download the app.

For each eligible Go365 activity completed, you can earn rewards and then redeem the rewards for gift cards in the Go365 in-app mall. Rewards earned through Go365 have no cash value and must be earned and redeemed prior to the reward expiration date.

Call Go365 at 888-225-4669 (TTY: 711) to learn more.

View the list of eligible health activities and available rewards, PDF opens new window

Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons is available to all members who meet the requirements of the program. Rewards are not used to direct the member to select a certain provider. Rewards may take 90 to 180 days or greater to receive. Rewards are non-transferrable to other Managed Care Plans or other programs. Members will lose access to the Go365® App to the earned incentives and rewards if they voluntarily dis-enroll from the Humana Healthy Horizons or lose Medicaid eligibility for more than one-hundred eighty (180) days. At the end of plan year (December 31), members with continuous enrollment will have 90 days to redeem their rewards.

Incentives and rewards cannot be used for gambling, alcohol, tobacco or drugs (except for over-the-counter prescriptions). Rewards may be limited to once per year, per activity. See activity description for details.

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