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Adult wellness visits

An annual wellness visit, PDF is a great time for you and your primary care physician (PCP) to go over your health and make sure you take steps to stay in the best health possible.

Doctor going over notes with female patient.

Preventive healthcare

Preventive care is often easy to forget or put off for another day. Your Humana Healthy Horizons® coverage includes well visits. There is no cost to you. By keeping up to date on necessary tests and vaccines, you may be able to avoid serious illnesses.

Annual wellness visits can help:

Annual wellness visits are a great way to:

  • Have your weight and blood pressure checked
  • Review your medical and family history
  • Review and/or schedule recommended health screenings, vaccines and other needed care
  • Review your prescription medications and supplements and change them if necessary
  • Receive health advice from your doctor on nutrition, lifestyle and more

An annual wellness visit is an important step to having more healthy days and more peace of mind.

Use our online Find a Doctor service if you don't have a PCP or want to pick a new one. Your PCP is the doctor you’ll see for your annual well visit.

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