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Breast health

Screenings are critical to detect all types of cancer, including breast cancer. Are you due for a mammogram? Schedule one today.

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What is breast cancer screening?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, breast cancer screening means checking a woman’s breasts for cancer before there are signs of the disease.1 A screening can help find breast cancer early, when it is easier to treat.

According to the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, women between the ages of:2

  • 40 and 49 should talk to their doctor or other healthcare provider about when to start getting, and how often to get, breast cancer screenings, such as a mammogram
  • 50 and 74 should have a mammogram every 2 years

Types of breast cancer screenings


A mammogram:

  • Is an X-ray of the breast
  • Is the best way to find breast cancer early, when treatment is easier and before cancer is big enough to feel or cause symptoms
  • Can help lower the risk of dying from breast cancer
  • Is a covered benefit for Medicaid enrollees in Kentucky

Learn about mammography recommendations for women at average risk of breast cancer, opens new window and for women at higher than average risk of breast cancer, opens new window.

Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

A breast MRI:

  • Uses magnets and radio waves to take pictures of the breast
  • Is used along with mammograms to screen women who are at high risk for getting breast cancer
  • Is not used for women at average risk of getting breast cancer

Clinical breast exam

During a clinical breast exam, a doctor or nurse uses his or her hands to feel for lumps or other changes in the breast.

Getting a mammogram

According to the Susan G. Komen® organization, you should keep in mind the following before, during, and after getting a mammogram:3

Before your mammogram

  • Avoid using antiperspirants, deodorants, lotions, perfumes, or powders on your breasts and underarm areas, as ingredients in these products can show up on a mammogram and make reading it harder
  • Wear a shirt you easily can remove, as you will have to undress from the waist up

During your mammogram

  • Each breast is pressed between two plates
  • Two X-ray images are made of each breast – one with the X-ray beam aimed from top to bottom, and one with the X-ray beam aimed from side to side
  • The screening will take about 15 minutes

After your mammogram

  • Expect to get results within 2 weeks of your screening, although some healthcare providers give results immediately
  • Contact your healthcare provider if you do not get your results in 2 weeks
  • Don’t assume that your results are normal if you don’t hear from your healthcare provider

Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons

Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons™ is a wellness program that offers you the opportunity to earn rewards for taking healthy actions.

As of January 1, 2021, enrollees can participate in Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons. Participating in healthy activities and earning rewards through our Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons wellness program is easy.

You can qualify to earn rewards by enrolling in Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons and then completing one or more healthy activities, such as having a breast cancer screening.

Female enrollees between the ages of 50 and 64 can earn a $25 reward for having a yearly mammogram.

Learn more about how to qualify for and redeem rewards.

Rewards have no cash value. The monetary amounts listed above are reward values, not actual dollars. For some rewards, your doctor has to tell us that you completed the healthy activity. Once we get this information from your doctor, you will see in the app the option to redeem the reward. For any reward you qualify to earn during the 2021 plan year, we must get confirmation from your doctor by no later than March 15, 2022.

Humana Healthy Horizons is available to all enrollees who meet the requirements of the program. Rewards are not used to direct the enrollee to select a certain provider. Rewards may take 90 to 180 days or greater to receive. Rewards are non-transferrable to other Managed Care Plans or other programs. Enrollees will lose access to the Go365® App and to the earned incentives and rewards if they voluntarily dis-enroll from the Humana Healthy Horizons or lose Medicaid eligibility for more than one-hundred eighty (180) days. At the end of plan year (December 31), enrollees with continuous enrollment will have 90 days to redeem their rewards.

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