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KidsHealth consumer library

Advice and tips for parents. Games and activities for kids. Videos appropriate for all ages. Our enrollees and their dependents/caregivers can get all of this and more through KidsHealth®.

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About KidsHealth

Get the information you want and need to help you and your family stay happy, healthy, and well. The KidsHealth consumer library includes:

  • Doctor-reviewed advice on hundreds of behavioral, emotional, and physical topics—from before birth through the teen years
  • Easy-to-follow articles, health tools, slideshows, and videos designed to help you and your family learn, grow, and be your best
  • Separate sections for kids, parents, and teens

The KidsHealth consumer digital library

The KidsHealth consumer digital (articles and more information) library includes more than 6,000 pieces of education for caregivers and families, specifically parents, kids, and teens. You’ll find:

  • Articles
  • Games
  • Illustrations
  • Quizzes
  • Videos
  • Wellness centers

The KidsHealth consumer video library

The KidsHealth consumer video library includes personal stories to help parents, kids, and teens understand medical diagnoses. The library has information about chronic and serious health conditions, including:

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