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South Carolina Medicaid: Behavioral health support

When you or your family members need a place to turn for mental health and/or substance use issues, our behavioral health services can help. As your healthcare partner, we want to make sure you get the care you need to be healthy, so you can focus on the days ahead.
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Behavioral health

Our member Johnny is a 10-year-old boy who loves playing baseball. Johnny had an outburst at school followed by a panic attack. This led to a referral to a local mental health center where he was assessed and diagnosed with having severe anxiety and a mood disorder.

Johnny's mom has been struggling to maintain employment. We've been working with her to make sure that she knows about available benefits and resources. She was pleasantly surprised to learn that their family is eligible for up to seven hundred and fifty dollars to help pay for housing related expenses like electric bills and rent.

We are the only health plan serving South Carolina residents eligible for Medicaid that makes this benefit available and our other Medicaid markets. This is a highly utilized value added benefit, and we're excited to be able to bring it to the South Carolina market.

Johnny's care manager walks alongside Johnny and his entire treatment team to make sure that we're all aligned on his treatment plan. Now, Johnny is doing better in school, and his mom reports that he's had fewer anxiety related issues.

His doctors also speak positively about his medication adherence, progress, and therapy. This is just one example of our clinically integrated care model.

I'm Natalia Aresu, president and CEO of Humana Healthy Horizons in South Carolina. I'm Kim McElroy, chief operating officer. And I'm Dr. Ayo Gathing, chief medical officer. Here at Humana, we are excited to bring our experience in human care to the communities that we serve in South Carolina.

From time to time, you may need to speak to a therapist or counselor if you:

  • Always feel sad
  • Do not feel like eating
  • Do not want to do the things that you used to enjoy
  • Feel helpless and worried during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic
  • Feel worthless
  • Have parenting concerns
  • Have substance abuse (e.g., alcohol and/or drugs) problems
  • Have trouble in your marriage
  • Have trouble sleeping

As a Humana Healthy Horizons® in South Carolina member you can:

  • Access many different types of behavioral health services that can help with issues you may face
  • Call a behavioral health provider for an appointment
  • Access help 24/7 via the Healthy Connections Crisis Hotline at 833-364-2274 (TTY: 711)

To connect with us:

Behavioral Health Resources

We developed a list of state and national behavioral health resources PDF, PDF to which you can refer when needed.

Prior Authorization

You may need to get approval before getting any of the above screenings and diagnostic testing services. This pre-approval is called prior authorization.

To learn more about prior authorization:

  • Refer to your Member Handbook
  • Call Member Services at 866-432-0001 (TTY: 711), Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m., Eastern time

You, your authorized representative, or a provider can submit a prior authorization request on your behalf.

Behavioral health services providers

Whether you are coping with everyday stress, relationship challenges, a child’s health needs, a substance use disorder, or mental health issue, you can access:

  • Behavioral health services
  • Care that may make a measurable difference in your life
  • Providers who focus on core principles of treatment and recovery

Visit our online Find a Doctor service to look for in-network providers in your area who offer behavioral health services.

If you are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else:

  • Call 911
  • Go the nearest emergency room or crisis stabilization center, even if out of our service area

Mental Health Resources for Teens and Young Adults English, PDF

Mental Health Resources for Teens and Young Adults Spanish, PDF

If you get emergency care outside of our service area, we will make plans to transfer you to a hospital or provider in our plan’s network once you are stable.

Once you are in a safe place:

  • Call your primary care provider (PCP) if you can
  • Follow up with your PCP within 24-48 hours

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