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MyOption℠ Vision

MyOption℠ Vision is available when you enroll in certain Humana Medicare Advantage (MA) plans or at any time during the year. You get the freedom to choose from an extensive network of EyeMed Vision experts in your area. The benefit provides full coverage of your annual routine eye exam at in-network providers. It even provides $375 toward either 1 set of frames and 1 pair of lenses, or contacts each year.

Covered services

In network
  • $40 allowance for 1 annual routine eye exam for both in-network and out-of-network providers. Visit any in-network EyeMed Select vision provider and your routine exam charge will not exceed the $40 allowance.
  • $375 a year toward either 1 set of frames and 1 pair of lenses, or contact lenses.

Members will be responsible for costs above the plan-approved amount.

Adding an optional supplemental benefit is easy

Humana members may add optional supplemental benefits to eligible plans. If you're a current member, explore your options.

If you're newly eligible for Medicare or shopping for a plan from Humana for the first time, click "Find a plan in your area" to view Medicare Advantage plans in your area that feature optional coverage choices.

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