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Helping you stay healthy

If you’re in good health – and you want to stay healthy – check out the MyHumana Health Centers. Here, you will find information and tools to help you maintain good health.

What you'll find in the health centers

The Health Centers include information about preventive care such as screenings and tests, as well as tips on how to reduce your risk of developing common health problems. Here's an overview of what's inside each center.

Children's Health

The Children's Health Center is a resource for pediatric information. Use tools such as assessments, health libraries, quizzes, and calculators to manage your children’s health and track their development.

Healthy Pregnancy

Visit the Pregnancy Center for information and interactive tools to help you throughout the three phases of pregnancy: Planning, Pregnancy, and Parenting.

Men's Health

The Men's Health Center features information on diseases, conditions, and general health information for men. Assessment tools, health libraries, quizzes, and calculators make it easier to put the information to work.

Senior Health

The Senior Health Center includes a library of health information on illnesses and health issues of concern to older people. There are also tools, assessments, quizzes, and calculators.

Women's Health

The Women's Health Center includes resource on preventative screenings, tools such as assessments, video health libraries, quizzes, and calculators.

Check out the MyHumana Health Centers today!

To access the Health Centers on MyHumana:

  1. Simply register for or  log in to MyHumana.
  2. Click on "Health & Wellness," then click on "Health Centers," and finally select a center from the "Health Centers" drop-down menu.
  3. Read, and explore.
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