Group Health Resources

Health resources

Get help with a health issue or plan ahead for prevention

Humana wants to help you stay healthy. Maybe you're dealing with a specific health issue now. Or maybe you’re trying to prevent future problems. Either way, we have information and support for you.

Health centers

Manage your health more easily with centrally located, secure online records.

  • Make better health decisions
  • Be ready for emergencies

Condition centers

These special sections on MyHumana combine information and online tools to help you maintain good health. There are centers devoted to pregnancy, children, men, women, and seniors.

  • Learn how to reduce health risks
  • Take assessments and quizzes
  • Read about preventive care

Wellness discounts

These MyHumana resources help you or a loved one get information on preventing, treating, and managing a variety of chronic conditions.

  • Read about prevention, symptoms, and risks
  • Use tools to assess your health
  • Understand treatment choices

Genetic guidance program

Find deals and coupons for wellness products, medications, and vision services in the MyHumana Savings Center.

  • Save money on weight loss programs
  • Get discounts on medications for heartburn, allergies, and more
  • Pay up to 40% less for eyewear

Bring the pharmacy to you

Order your medications online and have them mailed directly to you with mail order pharmacies, like Humana Pharmacy® mail-order Rx.*

Register with Humana Pharmacy ® mail-order Rx

Is surgery in your future?

Be a part of your surgery decision. Learn how to share the decision-making process with your doctor when it comes to surgeries. Helpful information is available to you at no extra cost.

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