Caregiver support

Caring for a loved one can be challenging. Humana offers support and resources to help you. Looking for the forms you need to grant a caregiver access? You can find those here, too.

Role of a caregiver

Caregivers have an important role—they help loved ones maintain their health and well-being.

A caregiver may help with personal care, health and wellness, household chores, companionship and safety checks.

Caregivers can help with these challenges:

  • Staying in touch with loved ones
  • Managing finances
  • Getting in and out of the house safely
  • Setting up a safe home
  • Grocery shopping and cooking
  • Finding activities to do together

Caregiver resources

Humana understands that caregiving is a challenge. Find tools and information to help with issues you may have as a caregiver:

  • Sign up for a caregiver newsletter
  • Find tips in the Caregiver’s Toolkit
  • Get other free resources and services for caregivers

Caregiver Toolkit

Find tips to help you manage the routine challenges of being a caregiver. This toolkit has handy resources to help you stay organized, like worksheets and calendars.

Download and print the guide below.

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Caregiver’s Toolkit—English (3.60 MB), PDF opens new window

Browse all caregiver resources, opens new window

Caregiver access

It is important to talk to your loved one about what you need to do to access their key health information.

A Consent for Release of Protected Health Information (PHI) form needs to be filled out and filed with Humana.

This form will let caregivers view a loved one’s plan information and get access to free support and resources from Humana. Caregivers will also get a free subscription to Humana’s quarterly caregiver newsletter.

Download the consent forms on the Document and Forms page and work with your loved one to fill it in:

Go to Consent form

Share access with a caregiver

As a member, you can share access with a caregiver in different ways. This will let them see your Protected Health Information (PHI).

2 ways to give access:

  • Online in MyHumana. Sign in now.
  • With a paper form. Download, complete and mail or fax the PHI consent form.

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