Humana Points of Care

Humana Points of Care

Available to Medicare and members

Chances are, you have a circle of friends, family, caregivers and care managers who help you manage the ins and outs of your healthcare. Your family and friends may provide emotional support, while caregivers and Humana care managers may help you get to doctor’s appointments, understand a diagnosis or make sure you’re following your doctor’s orders. When you become a member of Humana Points of Care, you can invite this circle of supporters to communicate with you online in your own private online community.

Here’s how it works:

Care Circle

It all starts when you register for Humana Points of Care and send email invitations out to your family, friends, caregivers and Humana care managers to become part of your Care Circle. When they accept your invitation, they can post messages, leave responses and share important articles, checklists and community resources.

Community Resource Directory

Anyone in your Care Circle can use this directory to help you find local, state and national resources, such as support groups, medication assistance programs, transportation and a variety of non-profit organizations. They can also post what they find on your Care Circle page.

Care Library

When you need to learn more about a specific health condition, you can search for informational articles in the Care Library. Members of your Care Circle can also search the library and post what they find on your Care Circle page. New articles are added on a regular basis and are available in both English and Spanish.

Start building your online community and begin using these helpful resources!