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As a Humana member, you’ll have access to MyHumana, a secure website where you can track personal and family health insurance benefits, budget for medical care, and discover more ways to save.

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Take advantage of MyHumana's money-saving tips to make your health plan dollars go further. For instance, the Rx Calculator on MyHumana shows whether any drugs you take have a generic equivalent2.

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Want to know more? Take a tour. See all you can do on MyHumana—your secure member website for managing your health plan benefits.

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To access the great features of MyHumana on the go, download the MyHumana Mobile App for the iPhone and iPad. The mobile app is a great way to keep information at your fingertips about your benefits, costs and claims, or in-network physicians all at your fingertips.

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Manage your personal health insurance on MyHumana

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Snack smartly

Choosing whole foods snacks like fresh fruit and vegetables over processed cookies and chips can help balance your blood sugar levels and curb hunger.

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Well-being in 140 characters or less

Well-being in 140 characters or less

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