Member Guidelines

Guidelines for Humana members

When it comes to your rights, details matter. Get to know your plan and your rights as a Humana member.

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Member rights

You have a right to privacy, courtesy, and full disclosure as a Humana member. And if you are unsatisfied, you have the right and the responsibility to complain.

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Important member information

How to use your health benefits: A guide for Humana members

Get the most from your Humana healthcare plan with this comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to health insurance benefits.

Exceptions and appeals

Make your voice heard. If you want a prescription drug considered for coverage, or want to appeal a decision made by Humana, let us know.

Medical authorizations

Some services and procedures require approval in advance. Stay informed about pre-authorizations to avoid costly mistakes.

Pharmacy authorizations

Certain drugs require prior authorizations or exceptions before they can be approved for use. Find out how your doctor can request coverage.

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Get the facts about healthcare reform

Learn how the law might affect you.

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50 years of leading the way

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