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Informed healthcare decisions made easy

Humana’s cost estimator tool helps you take the guesswork out of healthcare expenses. Search by treatment or condition to compare out-of-pocket costs for different providers in your network.

Tools and resources to help you make healthcare decisions

As a Humana member, you have lots of options for your healthcare. But to make informed decisions, it helps to understand how your coverage works and how much you’ll pay for services. Humana can help you take the guessing out of your healthcare with these helpful tools.

Cost estimator tool

Compare estimated out-of-pocket costs of multiple providers at a time, based on the services or procedures you select. To get started, all you need is your MyHumana sign-in information.

RightSource Mail-Order Rx

RightSource Mail-Order Rx

Humana's prescription home-delivery service by mail is the smart choice for convenience, cost savings, and accuracy.

RightSource Mail-Order Rx
Understand the health care reform, explore the facts and how they might affect you

Get the facts about healthcare reform

Visit our Learning Center for the latest news about how the law might affect your business.

Explore healthcare reform information

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