Guidelines for Humana members

Know your rights and understand your plan and costs, including authorizations, exceptions, and appeals.

Sneak exercise into your day

Whenever possible take the stairs, park your car a ways from a store entrance, and take walks at lunchtime to add fitness to your day.

Member rights

Your rights and responsibilities

Humana’s member rights and responsibilities statement explains your role and your physician’s, so you can work together productively.

Important member information

How to use your health benefits: A guide for Humana members

Get the most from your Humana healthcare plan with this comprehensive and easy-to-follow guide to health insurance benefits.

Exceptions and appeals

Get help with an exception, grievance, or appeal

Ask for a prescription drug coverage exception. Or file a grievance or appeal. You can also appoint a representative to act on your behalf.

Medical authorizations

If you need advance approval

For some procedures and services, your doctor or hospital needs to get advance approval before your plan covers any costs. This step is called "preauthorization" or "notification."

Pharmacy authorizations

Make sure your prescriptions are covered

Certain prescription drugs require prior authorization or a medical exception for coverage. If your drug requires this step, your doctor will need to request and receive approval from Humana before the drug may be covered under your insurance plan.

Understanding the language in your policy

We created a useful guide to help you better understand some of the complicated terms, rules and policy provisions that might appear in your Humana insurance plan.

Locate the forms you need

Browse the forms you need for medical, dental, life, spending account, and pharmacy claims.

Find your forms

Get help @HumanaHelp

Connect with Humana customer service and find get answers to your questions.

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