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Why choose Humana?

With a variety of plan options and extras, Humana lets you build a personalized Medicare plan to fit your life — and your budget.

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Benefits of Being a Humana Medicare Member

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Most of Humana’s Medicare plans include additional benefits and services. From getting in shape to saving cash, Humana has many special programs just for members like you.

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Caregiver Resources

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Caring for someone you love is a big job. Humana can help you handle it. That way, you’ll have a bit more time to look after your own well-being.

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Frequently asked Medicare questions

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Have questions about Humana’s Medicare plans? You’re not alone. Check out this list of the most common questions — along with the answers.

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Member guidelines

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When you sign up for a Humana plan, you’re entitled to certain rights and benefits. Get to know them all — and get the care you deserve.

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Member tools and resources

Once you sign up for a Humana Medicare plan, you can track spending, find a doctor, check up on claims, and more.

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Important Medicare Enrollment Dates

Wondering when you can apply for a Medicare Advantage plan or prescription drug plan? Here’s a list of important dates.

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Believe or not, low impact exercises can be just as effective as high impact — and still be easy on your knees and joints.

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