Stay informed with MyHumana Health Centers

When you and your family are feeling well, you want to keep it that way. And now you can with My Humana Health Centers. Find information and tools that make it a snap to monitor your health and your family’s.

Find centers for all ages and stages

At My Humana Health Centers you’ll find quizzes, videos, calculators, and other tools to size up your risk to common conditions like osteoporosis, keep tabs on your eating, exercise, and sleeping habits, and more.

From grandkids to grandparents, there’s a center that’s just right for your life stage. Here’s what you’ll find on each one:

  • Senior Health: Have fun with the interactive tools. Figure out how healthy you really are. Find out how many calories you burn when you walk the dog, rake leaves, or garden. See if you’re ready to quit smoking. It’s not all fun and games, though. Discover how to lower your cholesterol or blood pressure, and sharpen your memory. Get the most out of your next doctor visit with a handy checklist.
  • Women’s Health: Do you know your risk for osteoporosis or breast cancer? Now you can figure it out with quizzes and calculators. Never learned how to examine your breasts? Get the scoop with an easy-to-follow guide. Test your stress level and pick up pointers for managing it.
  • Men’s Health: Keep everything working right, head to toe, with articles, calculators, and quizzes. Figure out your target heart rate or your risk for ED. Get how-tos for preventing prostate or colon cancer. See how you can eat better, get more exercise, and relax.

Take control of your health today

Here's how to find the Health Centers on My Humana:

  1. Simply register for or sign in to My Humana
  2. Click on "Health & Wellness," then "Health Centers," and select a center from the drop-down menu
  3. Explore, read, and learn

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