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Meet Joe

Imagine the future of healthcare where your relationship with your primary care physician is at the center of your care; where your health revolves around your primary care doctor; where you and your doctor are supported by a care team; where your doctor has more tools to lead your healthcare team; and where it is easier for you and your care team to identify and access the many resources that your Humana Medicare Advantage health plan offers you.

Well, there is no longer a need to imagine because the future is here and Humana is embracing this new and exciting approach to healthcare.  We call it Integrated Health.

Integrated Health means the patient experiences an ongoing, personal relationship with their doctor and a dedicated care team. Whatever the medical, preventive, specialist, acute or chronic care needs are, a single, trusted doctor and care team are at the center of it all to ensure the patient receives continuous, comprehensive and coordinated care.

Simply put, it means a primary care physician and care team are at the center of it all.  When specialty care is needed, the doctor and care team will personally manage, facilitate and coordinate the care with appropriate qualified professionals such as hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies and related community resources.

And it’s changing the way people experience healthcare.

Take Joe as an example.

He’s a vibrant 67-year-old who loves the outdoors – walking his dog, spending time playing with his grandchildren, enjoying golfing with friends.

He lives alone.  His daughter is nearby and checks in on him regularly.

Joe doesn’t have any major health issues, and tries to eat right and exercise when he can.

Lately though, Joe has been experiencing pain in his left knee.

He tries to downplay it but it’s getting worse.

Even Joe’s daughter notices her dad’s limp when he walks.

At his daughter’s urging, Joe decides to visit his primary care physician to discuss the issues with his knee.

After an exam and x-ray, Joe’s physician recommends that he should see a specialist.

The care team schedules the appointment for Joe and his daughter.

After meeting with Joe, the specialist shares his diagnosis with Joe’s physician.  They agree on the course of action for Joe.

Joe’s physician meets with Joe and his daughter to discuss the recommendation, which is minor surgery.

The care team works with Joe and his daughter to schedule the surgery. 

Joe’s physician also reaches out to the specialist to review Joe’s current prescriptions and avoid any adverse effects from new prescriptions that may be needed. 

After the surgery, the care team works with Joe to schedule his appointments for rehab, works with him on improving his diet and gives him other health tips so that Joe is out walking his dog as soon as possible.

As seen through Joe, Humana’s Integrated Health goes beyond treating illness.  It’s designed to help people live healthier lives and plan for a healthier future.

It means meeting every person where they are:  sick or healthy.  And making sure each individual has a positive experience.

It’s a personal mix of preventive care, emotional support, care programs, education and online & mobile tools, working together with you and your health in mind.

Welcome to Humana’s Integrated Health.
Our goal is better overall care for everyone… Including Joe.

Disclaimer: Humana is a Medicare Advantage organization and a prescription drug plan with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in this Humana plan depends on contract renewal.