After You Enroll

After you’ve enrolled in a Humana Medicare plan

You've enrolled in a Humana Medicare plan. Soon, you’ll be enjoying your benefits.

What happens next?

Once Humana receives your completed and signed enrollment form, we’ll process your enrollment.

Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans

If you enrolled in a Humana Medicare Advantage (MA) plan or prescription drug plan (PDP):

  1. We will send your enrollment to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval.
  2. You’ll receive your new Humana ID card after your enrollment is approved. You’ll also receive a Humana Member Benefit Package with plan benefit information.

Remember to take your Humana ID card with you whenever you use your plan benefits.

Medicare Supplement plans

If you enrolled in a Humana Medicare Supplement plan, we will issue your policy and print your new Humana ID card. You’ll receive your new Humana ID card within 10 business days. You’ll also receive a copy of your plan benefit information. Your Medicare Supplement policy includes a 30-day free look period.

Remember to take your Humana ID card with you whenever you use your plan benefits.

Application status

If you want to check the status of your Humana application, call Humana Customer Care at:

  • Medicare Advantage: 1-800-457-4708
  • Prescription drug plans: 1-800-281-6918
  • Medicare Supplement plans: 1-800-866-0581
  • TTY: 711

When does my coverage begin?

Coverage begins on your effective date. When you enroll determines your effective date. If your plan includes prescription drug coverage and you need to fill prescriptions after your coverage begins, but before you receive your ID card, take your online enrollment confirmation page and a copy of your enrollment form to your local Humana in-network retail pharmacy. Be sure to tell the pharmacist which Humana Medicare plan you chose.

To get printable proof of your Humana coverage, simply register for MyHumana and fill out the online form in our Humana ID card viewer.

For current Humana members

If you're currently a Humana member, visit our Medicare tools and resources section.

If you're looking for information on disenrolling from a Humana Medicare plan, you can read more in our Medicare FAQ section on Disenrollment Rights and Responsibilities.

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