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Helping Someone Enroll in Humana's Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans

Providing Medicare assistance to an eligible parent or senior

If your parent or loved one is considering a Medicare prescription drug plan, Medicare Advantage plan or Medicare Supplement plan, you may find yourself scrambling to understand how to enroll in a Medicare health plan.

Allow enough time

Your goal is to help evaluate plan options, choose the right plan, and aid in the enrollment process. Allow adequate time to make the right coverage decision. Be patient and flexible as you find your way through the process.

Keep in mind that in most cases, coverage for Prescription Drug and Medicare Advantage plans starts on the first day of the month after Humana receives the completed enrollment form.

Those who are new to Medicare and are turning 65 have a lot of decisions to make about healthcare benefits. You can find information on Medicare plan options, when to enroll, Medicare basics and more.

Communication is key

Bring together everyone who needs to be involved in the decision-making process. Explain the purpose of your getting together. Share what you have learned. Most importantly, ask questions.

Determine medical needs

As you look at different plans, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much is the monthly premium?
  2. How much is the deductible for different services?
  3. How much is the copayment?
  4. What is covered? What isn't?
  5. What doctors can I visit?

If you're helping someone enroll who is on a budget or a fixed income, you may want to consider a Medicare Advantage plan.Many Medicare Advantage plans include drug coverage and fixed copayments. Humana offers three types of Medicare Advantage plans.

Determine prescription drug needs

Find out which drugs the person you're helping takes, including the generic and brand names, the dose, how often it's taken, and if their prescription is obtained by mail or at a retail pharmacy. Be sure to make a separate list for each parent, relative or friend. Consider cost saving opportunities and if the plan is right based on the person's financial needs.

Discuss preferences for doctor visits

Will the person you're helping to enroll in a Medicare health plan choose a primary doctor from a network of Medicare-approved providers? A Medicare Advantage HMO, such as Humana Gold Plus®, could be a good fit.

Want flexibility in choosing a doctor? Does the person you're helping spend part of the year in a different state? Consider a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) or Private Fee-for-Service (PFFS) plan, including HumanaChoice(PPO)® and Humana Gold Choice®(PFFS).

Medicare Supplement insurance plans are also a good option for people who want flexibility in choosing providers. These plans can work seamlessly with Medicare Parts A and B to enhance coverage for doctor’s office visits and other healthcare costs. Find out more about Humana’s Medicare Supplement insurance plans.

Determine current coverage and monthly payments

Make sure the person you're helping doesn’t already have prescription drug coverage through a former employer or other health insurance plan, otherwise the Medicare beneficiary may automatically forfeit that other coverage.

Understand the ABCs of Medicare

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