Guidance for Humana Medicare members

Thanks for choosing Humana for your Medicare coverage. Here is a host of online tools and resources that our Medicare members need most often.

Find a doctor or pharmacy

Quickly locate a doctor, hospital, dentist, vision provider or pharmacy.


Member forms

From claims to appeals, find what you need.

Mobile resources

Sign in to MyHumana from your phone, anywhere, anytime. Review your claims, find doctors and hospitals, and price medications.

National coverage determinations

From time to time the government updates Medicare coverage that can affect your plan for the better.

Wellness and prevention

Getting regular check-ups is critical to catching problems early on and giving yourself the best opportunities to do all you want throughout your life.

Bring the pharmacy to you

Order your medications online and have them mailed directly to you with mail order pharmacies, like Humana-owned Humana Pharmacy.

Register with Humana Pharmacy

Find out How Medicare Works

Partner with Humana to understand your Medicare options.

Understand the Medicare Basics

Sleepiness a cause for concern?

Take the assessment to find out whether your daytime sleepiness is a problem that may require a visit to the doctor.

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