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Use our search tools to compare plans your way

Humana makes it easy to look up plan coverage and costs, see if your drugs are covered or check if your doctors are in our network. You can even compare plans side-by-side or see how they stack up against Original Medicare. These are all simple “first steps” for finding the right plan for you.

Gentleman reviewing plan information on his tablet

Show me if my drugs are covered and their costs

If you’re taking prescription drugs, we can help you find plans that cover your medications. You can even see what they’ll cost based on the plan you choose. Already on Medicare? You can use’s secure Blue Button to share past claims so we can use that information to match you to the plans that best meet your needs.

A physician confers with her patient

Show me if my doctor is in your plans’ networks

Love your doctors and want to keep them? To find plans that cover the doctors you see now, use our Physician Finder to check if your doctor participates in a plan’s network. If you don’t currently have a primary care provider, our Physician Finder tool can help you find one.

Show me my plan options so I can choose the type of coverage I need

Not sure where to start? Check out our plan options and get recommendations based on your needs. Keep in mind that Medicare Advantage plans may include coverage for prescription drugs and dental, vision and hearing care —all in 1 easy-to-manage plan.

Looking for a little guidance?

If you have questions or if you’d just prefer some 1-on-1 advice, we’re here for you.

Call 1 - 888 - 204 - 4062 (TTY: 711) to reach a licensed Humana sales agent Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m. or