Explore ways to save on prescription drug costs

Prescription drug coverage offers an added layer of protection against high healthcare costs. Make the most of your coverage with convenient, personalized support from Humana.

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Tools to help you save

Because every little bit helps when it comes to saving on healthcare costs.

Mail-order pharmacy

You may save money—and time—by using CenterWell Pharmacy™, the preferred cost-share mail-order pharmacy for many Humana prescription drug plans. Skip the line at the drugstore and have your prescriptions mailed to the location of your choice. Other pharmacies are available in our network.

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SmartSummary Rx®

This monthly summary of your Rx spending may help you manage your costs and track your spending through the annual deductible, initial coverage and coverage gap phases of your plan.

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Preferred cost-share pharmacies

Some Humana plans offer preferred cost-share pharmacies in many areas of the country. Preferred cost-share pharmacies generally offer lower copays and out-of-pocket costs compared to standard cost-sharing pharmacies.

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Savings opportunities

If we see opportunities for you to reduce your prescription drug costs, whether it’s through generics or finding a preferred cost-share pharmacy, we may reach out with ways to help you save.

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Tools to help you manage your prescriptions

Our prescription drug plans come with Humana’s useful pharmacy tools to help you manage and potentially save on your medications.


Get online and mobile access to your pharmacy claims along with tools to manage your prescriptions.

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Drug pricing tools

Compare your drug costs with different pharmacies and forecast your spending for the year.

Pharmacy finder

Find in-network pharmacies near you, including ones that offer preferred cost-sharing.

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Resources for your budget

Patient assistance

We have resources to help identify financial assistance offered by drug companies and charities, which can help with prescription costs.

Extra help

You may qualify for Extra Help from Medicare on your prescription plan premiums and copayments.

Find a plan that’s right for you

Compare drug costs and see what prescription drug plan may work for you.