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Are you new to Medicare, or looking to explore your options? Humana can help.With Humana’s online enrollment tools you can compare benefits, estimate costs, and enroll online.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

Looking for broad health coverage?

Drug and medical coverage all in one plan can help you get more from your healthcare dollar. Explore personalized guidance and plan options that work for your unique needs.

    • Often combines drug and medical coverage in one plan*
    • More benefits than Original Medicare
    • Most plans include fitness and wellness programs at no additional cost**

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans

Maintain your health and your budget

Medicare prescription drug plans can help you lower your out-of-pocket prescription costs today and protect you against higher expenses tomorrow.

    • Extensive pharmacy network
    • Prescription mail-order delivery service

Medicare Supplement Insurance Plans

Humana's Medicare Supplement insurance plans help cover some of the costs not covered by Medicare Parts A and B, so you may have more predictable costs.

    • Choose any doctor that accepts Medicare patients
    • Premiums vary by plan and state

Optional Supplemental Benefits

Enhance your Medicare plan

Maintaining good health is different for everyone. That's why Humana offers optional supplemental benefits, like dental and vision, to help you make sure your healthcare coverage fits your situation.


Get the medications you need

Humana offers a range of prescription drug plans as well as Humana-owned RightSource®** mail order pharmacy. Choose the options that best meet your specific needs.

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