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Check your symptoms with Buoy

Humana Medicare members now have access to Buoy’s symptom checker.

Unsure about what might be causing your physical or mental symptoms? Buoy can help. Developed by doctors, this private and secure tool takes just 3 minutes—at no additional cost to you. Buoy can help you determine the next best steps for your situation.

To access Buoy, you may log in (or register if you haven’t already) to MyHumana and click on the Buoy link.

(Logos on screen): Buoy I Humana

(Narration and Text on screen): When you’re not feeling well, Buoy can help

(Animation of computer showing Buoy product screen saying “You're in the right place let’s get you feeling better”)

(Narration and Text on screen): figure out what’s wrong, identify treatment options, and get the right care… in just minutes.

(Animation of Buoy product screen determining who is using the software)

(Animation of Buoy product screens identifying gender and symptoms increased burping)

(Narration and Text on screen): Let’s say you’re female…and 72 years old, with symptoms of… increased burping.

(Narration and text on screen): Sounds like it’s time to consult Buoy.

(Animated text on screen): Meet Buoy

(Animation of Buoy product asking about symptoms)

(Narration and text on screen): Buoy asks about your symptoms like a doctor would.

(Animation of Buoy product asking question about symptoms)

(Narration and text on screen): Each response you give prompts a clinically relevant next question that’s personalized to you.

(Animation of Buoy product asking question about symptoms)

(Narration): Learning what you’re feeling helps Buoy identify what might be wrong.

(Narration and text on screen): Ok, just a few more questions.

(Animation of Buoy product asking a series of questions about symptoms).

(Text on screen); Thanks, that’s enough information to suggest some answers.

(Narration): Within a few minutes, Buoy has the information needed to suggest some answers.

(Animated text on screen): Answers

(Animation of computer showing Buoy product with potential diagnoses of acid reflux on screen.)

(Narration and text on screen): Buoy offers up to three possible diagnoses…

(Animation of Buoy product showing treatment ideas, medications and lifestyle ideas)

(Narration and text on screen): along with ideas for treatment…and personalized recommendations about things like medication, nutrition and lifestyle.

(Animated text on screen): Care Options

(Animation of cell phone with Buoy product showing appointment options for telehealth or a doctor).

(Narration and text on screen): Buoy guides you to care options such as telehealth, or a doctor… all in Humana’s network.

(Narration): Buoy makes it easy to get the care you need.

(Logos on screen): Buoy I Humana

(Narration): Buoy, the best way to get better.

(Text on screen): This tool is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult a medical professional for serious symptoms or emergencies."

Feeling off? Try Buoy

The Buoy symptom checker can evaluate your symptoms and suggest covered care options that might be right for you. Watch how this tool can tell you what you should know about your symptoms.