Federal Employee and Retiree Health Benefits (FEHBP)

Cue by Humana

Small steps lead to big change

Making healthy changes you can maintain starts with changing your habits one small step at a time. Micro-habits are small, simple and easy actions that are part of your day and, over time, become a part of you. They change you.

Why Cue?

Big leaps often fail. Focusing on small actions allows your brain to start the process of change without working too hard. With the Cue app, you can develop long-lasting and meaningful healthy habits. Cue prompts you to perform key micro-habits known to result in better health. Wherever you are, you can start to incorporate these simple actions into your daily routine. On cue.

Cue Features

Cue’s simple nudges remind you to drink water, get up and move around, stretch, focus on your breathing or posture, and go outside for some fresh air. By tracking how many times you successfully complete a Cue, you can see how you’re doing at building healthy habits.

Drink Water – Every cell in your body needs water to work right. If you’re not getting enough water in a day, you’ll get dehydrated and may have dry skin, dizziness or headaches. Even a little dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.

Get Moving – Walking burns more calories than you might think because it uses your body’s biggest muscles. That gets your heart pumping, which improves your fitness, helps you lose weight, and lessens your chances of (disease).

Stretch – Stretching increases blood flow to your muscles. It helps with flexibility so you’re more able to do the physical activities you like with less pain and chance of getting hurt.

Breathe – Deep breathing gives your body needed oxygen, carbon dioxide and other nutrients. If you’re stressed and constantly taking short breaths, you’re only using a third of your lungs so your brain and blood aren’t getting what they need for your body to do its best work.

Straighten Up – Slouching strains your muscles and spine causing back pain and poor posture. Sitting up straight uses your muscles more efficiently so your body takes up less energy, making you less tired. Being aware of good posture is the first step to breaking your slouching habit.

Go Outside – Staying inside can be downright depressing. Spending time with nature—not just outdoors, but in a park or on a hike—can boost your mood, creativity and brain function. Plus, Vitamin D your body produces from direct sunlight strengthens your bones and helps prevent osteoporosis.

Additional Features include the ability to adjust the frequency of Cues and to turn Cue types on and off.