Federal Employee and Retiree Health Benefits (FEHBP)

Humana Pharmacy

Take your pharmacy with you wherever you go

Download the Humana Pharmacy® mobile app for iPhone or Android and refill prescriptions anytime, anywhere. Save even more time with our mail delivery pharmacy for mobile.

Features to help manage your prescriptions

SCAN TO REFILL – Scan the barcode of your pill bottle to refill your prescription, or enter your prescription number manually.

PILL REMINDERS – Set up pill reminders so you’re sure to take your medicines on time, as directed. When you take your medicines the way your doctor prescribed, you’re more likely to stay healthy.

MY PRESCRIPTIONS – Use Humana Pharmacy and manage all your prescriptions in one convenient place. Toggle between all your prescriptions and those you want to refill. Schedule or set up automatic refills* and view status updates when your medicines are running low or you’re almost out.

WATCH VIDEOS – Scan your pill bottle to learn more about your medicine. Watch a video outlining its benefits, side effects, dosage and more.

ORDER STATUS – View the progress of your orders and see which ones are pending, delayed, shipped or cancelled. Opt-in to receive status updates about your orders.

HIGH PRICE ALERT – Set a price limit on the amount you pay and receive a notification when you go over that amount. Your limit can be any amount from $30 to $900, and you can change it at any time.

BADGES AND CHALLENGE – Earn badges for engaging in healthy habits like taking your pills on time or setting reminders. Get rewarded with badges for using the app, working your way one challenge at a time.

*Auto-refills are not available for Medicare members.

Sport your pharmacy on your wrist

Enjoy even more convenience by getting status updates and pill reminders on your Apple Watch. Easily refill prescriptions—all with a tap!