RxMentor Mobile app

An easy way to manage multiple medications

One up-to-date list of all your
medications with you at all times

No more having separate lists for your prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Use the RxMentor Mobile app to create one digital list. It’s easy to do! RxMentor® automatically collects prescription information from your Humana plan, including medications ordered through a local pharmacy or through Humana’s mail-delivery pharmacy, Humana Pharmacy®. You can also manually enter prescription information and details about any other items you’re taking, as well as your allergy information.

Key features

  • A complete list of all your medications captured in one place—with automatic updates on your prescriptions
  • Details about your medications, including strength, allergic reactions and more
  • Images of your pills to keep track of what you’re taking
  • Sharing capability, allowing you to email your list and share it with your doctor and healthcare providers
  • Informational videos to learn more about your medication, including benefits and side effects
  • Option to discuss your medications with a pharmacist and complete a comprehensive medication review (CMR) if you qualify

Download the RxMentor Mobile app for iOS and Android

Carry one list for all your meds.

View details, share list and watch videos.

Use RxMentor on MyHumana!

Sign in to MyHumana and select the Pharmacy tab. From there, you can set up your medication list.