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New enrollee resources

Welcome to Humana Healthy Horizons in Kentucky™. Here’s some key information we want you to know as a new enrollee.

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New enrollees

Welcome! We want to help you make the most of your plan right away. Use this page as a guide to the information you’ll need to get started. Find helpful links to important documents and forms, learn how to register for MyHumana, and understand what your plan covers.

2021 Value-Added Benefits, Services, and Healthy Rewards Guide, PDF opens new window

Medicaid documents and forms

New enrollees get a welcome letter and welcome kit in the mail. Your welcome letter and welcome kit have important details about how to get started with your plan. Reading your letter is a good first step.

Your Enrollee Handbook is the best resource to find everything you want to know about your plan in one place. If you have questions, this handbook is where to look.

Find your Enrollee Handbook.

Help us get to know you

We can provide better care when we know more about you. You can help by filling out a:

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA): Tell us about your health history and how we can best help you. You should fill out and return this to us as soon as possible after becoming a new enrollee. To do so:
    • Complete and send the HRA back to us in the envelope you got in your welcome kit, or
    • Call us at 800-444-9137 (TTY: 711) and complete the HRA, or
    • Download the Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons™ app and complete the HRA
    • Create a MyHumana account and complete and submit the HRA online
  • Consent for release of medical records: If you change doctors, this form will allow us to send your medical records to your new doctor. You received a form in your welcome kit. You also can find a copy in our documents and forms library.

We have other documents and forms to help you understand your plan. Be sure to check them out.

See all documents and forms

Your MyHumana account

MyHumana is Humana’s secure member website where you can find your plan information and other helpful tools. You can get to MyHumana by signing in on

MyHumana lets you:

  • Ask for a new copy of your enrollee ID card. We will send this to the address we have listed on your account.
  • Download and print a copy of your member ID card in the ID card center.
  • Set your communication preferences. You can choose to get messages by email, text or phone.
  • Update your primary care physician on the Coverage & Benefits page.
  • Update your address on the Accounts & Settings page.

Registering is easy and only takes a minute.

Set up your MyHumana account

What your plan covers

Your medical plan includes dental, hearing, medical, and vision coverage. You also have prescription drug and behavioral health benefits.

Check out your Enrollee Handbook for all the details about your coverage

Pharmacy benefits

As of July 1, 2021, MedImpact administers pharmacy benefits for all Medicaid enrollees in Kentucky, including Humana Healthy Horizons in Kentucky enrollees. All of your previous pharmacy benefits will remain the same, and you do not have to do anything.

Connect with MedImpact to learn more about your pharmacy benefits, opens new window

Health and wellness

We want you to achieve your best physical, mental, and emotional health. Your coverage includes access to behavioral health services and health and wellness programs to help you on your journey to good health.

View health and wellness benefits, programs, and services

Caregiver access

Caring for a loved one can be challenging. Humana offers support and resources to help caregivers. Looking for the forms you need to grant a caregiver access? You can find those here, too.

Find caregiver support

Find a Doctor

One of the first things you can do is to make an appointment with your primary care provider (PCP). You should meet with your PCP as soon as possible. Try to schedule your first appointment 30 days after your enrollment in our health plan. Your doctor needs to learn about you to help with your care. Using our Find a Doctor service to identify doctors in your area is easy.

Use our Find a Doctor service.

Where should you go to see a doctor or other healthcare provider? You have choices. Learn about your choices for care, PDF opens new window.

We want to hear from you!

You trust us with your healthcare—now trust us with your ideas! During the year, we hold Listen and Learn sessions with our enrollees to find out how we’re doing. We historically have held these meetings in person. The enrollees who participate become part of our Quality Member Access Committee-Community Advisory Board (QMAC-CAB).

Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we are holding virtual Listen and Learn sessions instead via Zoom. We have the following sessions scheduled, and would love for you to attend.

November 18, 2021
Enrollees in all regions
1 p.m. – 2 p.m., Eastern time

To reserve your spot or for more information please call 888-800-8659. We will collect some information from you, including your email address, and then follow up with sign-in information in advance of the virtual Listen and Learn. We hope to see you there!

Looking for help?

Contact us

If you have questions, find the number you need to get help and support.

Find a doctor

Find a doctor, hospital or pharmacy.

Documents & forms

Find the documents and forms you need, including your Enrollee Handbook.