Transplant Services

Transplant Services

Our transplant team provides help when you need it most.

When you need an organ or stem cell transplant, it’s a time of concern and questions.

The mission of the transplant services team is to provide you with answers and helping hands every step of the way. We're there for you and your doctor throughout the entire process. And we'll stay with you throughout your first year post-transplant.

How will the transplant services team work with me?

The team includes clinical advisors — registered nurses who are specially trained on transplant services. It also includes claims representatives trained in transplant services. Since 1987, the transplant services team has guided thousands of members — explaining benefit structures, helping members choose an in-network program from the National Transplant Network, and handling claims quickly and efficiently.

Work with your team to:

  • Understand the transplant process, including evaluation, consultations and tests
  • Help you and your doctor participate in selecting a program in Humana's National Transplant Network (NTN) that meets your needs
  • Maximize your health benefits
  • Answer your coverage questions, including those related to Medicare
  • Get help with transplant-related expenses, such as travel and prescription medications

How can a transplant nurse help?

Transplant nurses serve as key clinical advisors in our transplant services team. You can rely on your transplant nurse to:

  • Help coordinate referrals between doctors and specialists promptly
  • Guide you through referrals for tests and X-rays
  • Provide you with available options for transplant facilities
  • Answer your transplant-related questions
  • Work with you, one on one, throughout the transplant process and for a year post-transplant

What is the National Transplant Network?

Humana's National Transplant Network (NTN) is a network of facilities with transplant programs that is available to Humana members. The NTN offers services for covered solid organ transplants as well as stem cell transplants. Here's how it works:

  • To be part of the NTN, transplant facilities and programs must meet certain criteria, including the number of transplants performed each year, outcomes, survival rates, and accreditation.
  • Medicare must also certify all adult transplant programs
  • You and your doctor will participate in selecting which NTN program you'll use
  • Your transplant services team will assist you and your doctor in the choice of an NTN program

Learn more about NTN facilities and programs available in your area.

How to contact the transplant services team

To reach our transplant team, call 1-866-421-5663. If you use a TTY, call 711. You'll connect with claims specialists and clinical advisors who are specially trained registered nurses. Depending on your plan, coverage for transplant services and medications, may vary. The transplant services team will help you determine what your plan covers.

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