Connected Scales Focus On Patient Care and Compliance

Humana At Home is offering a connected-scale service with a goal of enhancing a patient’s compliance with his/her physician’s treatment plan. Physicians may receive questions from their Humana-covered patients about the service or from Humana concerning a patient enrolled in the program.

Patients are identified as candidates for the program based on their management of a chronic condition, such as congestive heart failure. Humana will provide the patient with a cellular-connected scale and reinforce the importance of daily weight measurement. There is no cost to the physician and no additional cost to the Humana-covered patient.

Humana At Home staff will monitor the patient’s connected scale remotely. If the patient experiences a daily weight change of plus or minus three pounds from baseline, Humana will review the data, reach out to the patient to understand symptoms and health status and facilitate connection to the physician’s office during normal business hours Monday through Friday, if the situation warrants.

For questions about the connected-scale service, physicians can call 1-866-223-6732, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.