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How to join the Humana and ChoiceCare networks

Many providers may request to join the Humana and ChoiceCare networks® by completing an online form. However, dental providers and behavioral health providers cannot use the online application. These providers should view the information below for further instructions. Chiropractors in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio and south Florida (Broward, Miami-Dade and Palm Beach counties) should also review this information.

Please note the online application process is not available in all states. Providers in states that do not have an online application process must contact a specific Humana market office to request to join a network. Please view the list of states where this tool is not available and whom you should contact in these markets.

Some Humana networks may have additional participation criteria providers must meet in order to be granted participation status. If this application is available for your state, please:

  1. Review this important information.
  2. Complete our online form. The informational document in step one (above) explains how these providers may express interest in contracting with Humana.

You may wish to review these frequently asked questions about what to expect during and after the online process.

Changing an existing contract

Participating providers who wish to modify an existing contract or update their demographic information should contact Humana Provider Relations at chcpr@humana.com. These modifications can include:

  • Adding or removing providers associated with a contract.
  • Changing W-9 information.
  • Adding or removing network/product lines associated with a contract.
  • Modifying office/service location information (e.g. address, phone, etc.).

Provider crisis contact/location form

Submit this form if a disaster or other crisis requires evacuation of your area and/or relocation of your provider office.