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Oklahoma SoonerSelect: Availity Essentials secure portal

Availity Essentials™ is a secure multipayer portal that lets you interact with Humana Healthy Horizons® in Oklahoma and other participating payers without having to use multiple systems and remember separate user names and passwords.
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Provider portal

Humana partnered with Availity Essentials™ to allow providers to reference member and claim data for multiple payers using one login. Availity Essentials provides the following benefits:

  • Check eligibility and benefits
  • Access the certificate of coverage
  • Submit preauthorization and referral requests
  • Check the status of preauthorization and referral requests
  • Access a plan of care
  • Access the member summary
  • Respond to medical record requests
  • Check claim status
  • Check claim submission
  • Submit disputes and appeals
  • Check remittance advice
  • Manage overpayments
  • Request electronic remittance advice/electronic funds transfer (ERA/EFT) enrollment
  • Access the provider directory
  • Access Humana-specific applications, resources and news

To learn more, call Availity at 800-282-4548 or visit

EFT/ERA enrollment through Humana

Get paid faster and reduce administrative paperwork with EFT and ERA. Physicians and other healthcare providers can use Humana’s ERA/EFT enrollment tool on Availity Essentials to enroll.

To access this tool:

  1. Sign in to Availity Essentials (registration required).
  2. From the Payer Spaces menu, select Humana.
  3. From the Applications tab, select the ERA/EFT Enrollment app. (If you don’t see the app, contact an Availity administrator to discuss your need for this tool.)

When you enroll in EFT, Humana Healthy Horizons claim payments are deposited directly in the bank account(s) of your choice.

Register for an Availity account

With an Availity portal account, you can interact with participating payers without learning to use multiple systems or remembering separate payer user IDs or passwords. Many Humana-specific tools are accessible from Humana’s payer space.

How to register for a secure Availity Essentials portal account, PDF

To learn more, call Availity at 800-282-4548, or visit the Availity Essentials website.