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Caregiver resources

Everyone needs a little help sometime—like from a parent or guardian or another type of caregiver. We make information and resources available to the people caring for our members.

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What does a caregiver do?

Caregivers have an important role. They help loved ones maintain their health and well-being.

A caregiver may help with:

  • Companionship
  • Finding activities to do together
  • Health and wellness
  • Household chores
  • Managing finances
  • Personal care
  • Safety checks
  • Setting up a safe home
  • Shopping for groceries and cooking
  • Staying in touch with loved ones
  • Traveling to and from appointments

A caregiver may help their child—our member—access available benefits through Humana Healthy Horizons® in Ohio. This means we help the parent or guardian of our members 17 or younger make the most of their health plan.

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Additionally, Humana understands how important it is to care for yourself while you’re caring for others. Humana offers guidance and support for caregivers as they navigate their role.

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Explore additional benefits available to Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio members

Share access with your caregiver

Members can give their caregivers access to their protected health information (PHI).

Give access:

Through your MyHumana account

By downloading, completing, and mailing the Consent to Release PHI form.

Find the PHI Consent Form

Send the completed form to:

Humana Inc.
P.O. Box 14601
Lexington, KY 40512-4168

Power of attorney

Do you have power of attorney (POA) for another Humana member?

Download, complete, and submit a POA Form.

Find the POA Form

Your voice matters!

During the year, we will hold virtual sessions with our members who join our Member and Family Advisory Council. Stay tuned for your chance to join and help shape Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio.

Looking for help?

Find a doctor

Find a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy.

Value-added benefits

Learn about the extra benefits and services available to Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio members.

Documents & forms

Find the documents and forms you need, including your Member Handbook.