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Ohio Medicaid through Humana Healthy Horizons

We are committed to supporting our members’ health and wellness, so they can focus on the things they love.

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Why choose Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio?

Humana Healthy Horizons® in Ohio members get hearing, medical, and vision coverage. Members also have behavioral health benefits and can participate in a rewards program to help them stay healthy.

Humana Healthy Horizons Coverage

Humana Healthy Horizons Extras

Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons

You can pick flowers.

You can pick your friends.

And you can pick a health plan.

When you first qualify for Medicaid, you may be assigned a health plan, but you don’t have to keep it. You have the right to pick a different health plan and switch to it during the first 90 days of your enrollment.

Pick Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio. We care about our members’ whole health journey and aim to help them reach their best health.

Helping keep our members in their best health is what human care is all about.

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More healthy days are on the horizon

Supporting your health and wellness journey includes helping you:

  • Access additional services and support beyond your medical coverage, to help you focus on what’s important to you
  • Access a network of doctors with no referral needed
  • Access healthy food
  • Become part of a healthy community and never feel alone
  • Get the resources and information you need
  • Participate in healthy activities and earn rewards through our Go365 for Humana Healthy Horizons® rewards program

Value-added benefits

Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio members get added benefits along with medical coverage. These extra benefits, tools, and services are at no cost to you.

Learn more about the value-added benefits, services, and programs available for Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio members

HumanaBeginnings care management program

We tailor our HumanaBeginnings™ care management program to each of our pregnant members and new moms, to make sure they get the care they need, like extra support from a nurse and pregnancy and family-planning resources

Learn more about HumanaBeginnings

Behavioral health services

When you or your family members need a place to turn for mental health and/or substance use issues, our behavioral health services can help.

Health and wellness

We provide access to health and wellness articles, resources, and services that can help you keep moving in the right direction.

Looking for help?

Find a doctor

Find a doctor, hospital, or pharmacy.

Value-added benefits

Learn about the extra benefits and services available to Humana Healthy Horizons in Ohio members.

Documents & forms

Find the documents and forms you need, including your Member Handbook.