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You work hard to care for your patients; so, put Humana to work for you. This page can help you find clinical guidelines, Medicare and Medicaid resources, our provider magazine and much more.

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Humana offers programs and capabilities that can help you manage your population's health.

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We’ve compiled some of the tools health care providers use most often on our website.


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From medical policies and practice guidelines to quality resources, get key information for your business.

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When state and federal governments pass new regulations, we want delegated health care providers to know about them.


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Access information on a variety of topics.


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See companion guides related to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, as well as electronic payment and National Provider Identifier information.

Humana’s YourPractice

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Keeping current is important for your practice. Humana’s bimonthly magazine can help.

Medicare and Medicaid information

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Review materials for clinicians who serve Humana Medicare, Medicaid and dual Medicare-Medicaid members.

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Medical and pharmacy coverage policies

Medical and pharmacy coverage policies

These policies address new procedures, devices and medications.

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Electronic submission of claims and other options to help providers with improved cash flow

Ease administration and improve cash flow

Humana not only accepts, but also encourages health care providers to submit claims electronically. We have a number of options to support your needs.

Find out more about electronic submission