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You may be able to save on prescriptions

We all try to save money where we can. Humana is committed to helping you boost your savings when it comes to healthcare, including offering our own program that helps you save. See more ways you may be able to spend less for your prescriptions below.

Are generics right for you?

Generic medications can be a great, safe and inexpensive alternative to many brand-name drugs. Generic drugs are FDA-approved and typically cost much less than similar brand-name products.

  • The FDA tests generic medications to make sure they have the same active ingredients as brand-name versions and act the same when taken.
  • The FDA also confirms that the generic offers the same dosage, strength and quality as the brand-name drug.

Maximize Your Benefit® Rx

Now Humana offers a program called Maximize Your Benefit Rx that can directly control your prescription drug costs. The program notifies you about low-cost options and tells you how much you can save for the year.

Patient assistance for Rx

Many drug manufacturers and charitable foundations offer prescription drug assistance programs if you meet certain guidelines. Humana has information that can help you connect with these programs and save on your medication costs.

  • Find government programs for eligible Medicare members.
  • Discover other ways to save on meds.