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Humana can help make dental care more affordable.

Medical plans

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Maybe you’d like lower copays for office visits. Or maybe you need a plan that lets you set aside money for medical expenses. If you’re looking for an affordable medical plan, Humana may have just what you need.

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Dental plans

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Humana’s dental plans are great for anyone who is self-employed or does not have dental coverage through an employer.

Vision plans

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When you need separate vision coverage, look to Humana to help you save money on exams, lenses, frames and contacts. You’ll also get discounts on other procedures such as Lasik.


For vital medications

Humana offers a range of prescription drug coverage as well as a pharmacy network that includes pharmacies like Humana Pharmacy® mail delivery service, Humana Specialty Pharmacy and on-site pharmacy locations. Choose the pharmacy options that best meet your specific needs.

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