Sunglasses in Winter

Avoid "eye sunburn" this Winter

Protect the eyes during winter time by wearing sunglasses

You may think sunglasses are only for the summer. But during the winter months, the sun can be even more dangerous to your eyes. When snow is on the ground, the glare can be as bad as when you are at the beach. And the winter sun's powerful ultraviolet (UV) rays can even create a form of sunburn on your eyes. The best way to protect your eyes is to keep wearing sunglasses through the winter. And make sure that the sunglasses you choose block 99 or 100 percent of UV light. An added benefit: wearing sunglasses in the winter can also block chilly winter winds that can dry out and irritate your eyes.

Winter eye care tip

Using your home's central heating system is a great way to stay warm and cozy in the winter. But the heat can also dry out the air — causing your eyes to become red and irritated. So what should you do? Just use a humidifier in your bedroom during the winter months to replace some of the lost moisture in the air and keep your eyes comfortable. This tip is courtesy of The American Academy of Ophthalmology, the Eye M.D. Association.

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